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Police charge 3 men with assault by mob

Three men in Virginia were taken into custody for an alleged assault that police say happened on Oct. 25. The incident took place near Old Dominion University in Norfolk while a group of people was gathered at a home on West 42nd Street. An altercation that occurred at the home resulted in two university students receiving treatment for broken facial bones.

Virginia pharmacist guilty in drug case

A Wytheville-based pharmacist has entered a plea of guilty to felony drug and firearm charges that arose from an automobile accident in 2012. Per the terms of his plea agreement, the 52-year-old man will enter a program for first-time offenders with no prior drug-related convictions; by following the rules of the program for three years, the man will be able to have the charges dismissed. The outcome of his cases has been formally deferred for 12 months.

Virginia man charged with felony identity theft and forgery

The Washington County Virginia Sheriff's Office says a man was charged with multiple offenses following an investigation. According to a written statement, the defendant is facing charges of obtaining money by false presence, uttering, forgery and felony identity theft. He was taken into police custody on July 30, released on an unsecured bond of $10,000 and scheduled to appear in Washington County General District Court.

Norfolk man arrested in Virginia Beach charged in fatal shooting

Although Virginia residents know that violent crime is an aspect of modern life, most people never experience it firsthand. When they do, however, they expect law enforcement officials to find and arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible. This can lead to quick arrests, false identifications, and improper charges.

Virginia man's flight from police nets him additional charges

The police can be intimidating. When one is suddenly confronted by an angry or justice-hungry officer of the law, he or she may feel like running. Though such a reaction may be understandable, the law can be harsh on those who run from the police.

Virginia teacher charged with a crime at school

In Loudoun County, located northwest of Fairfax County, Virginia, a 48-year-old teacher was recently taken into custody at school for allegedly coming to school intoxicated. As a result, the man is facing several charges, including driving under the influence, possession of alcohol on school property and driving without a license.

Fairfax principal arrested on charge of embezzlement

All businesses operate on budgets. Therefore, many of these operations require accurate accounting in order to determine expenses, income, and profit. Schools work in similar fashion, having to track how much employees are paid, how much money is spent on supplies, and how much money remains in its budget. It is a complicated process, and one that can cause serious problems if mishandled. A mistake in accounting could create an appearance of misappropriation and it may even lead to a criminal charge.

Police fail to implement reforms to line-ups in Virginia

Fairfax residents may be very interested to learn more about the actions of police departments across the state of Virginia, particularly as it pertains to suspect line-ups used to charge suspects. According to the Times Dispatch, only a small portion of the police departments across the state are following a new policy aimed at avoiding wrongful accusations in the use of line-ups. This practice may be putting innocent suspects at risk, a practice which may cause innocent men and women across the state of being wrongfully charged with a crime.

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